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Negotiate in odd numbers

An interesting article in Scientific American called Why Things Cost $19.95┬áinvestigates whether or not the common merchant tactic of listing a price as $19.95 rather than $20.00 is really effective. Read a snipit of the article below and learn how this impacts the practice of law. “Why Things Cost $19.95” Article There were three scenarios […]

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Water and Sewer “Impact Fees” Again Face Legal Challenge

A land developer in Pinehurst is suing Moore County, saying they were charged illegally for water and sewer fees. We handled a similar case a few years ago. A County or Water Authority can charge for fees, but they either have to provide the service or will provide the service in the future. In our […]

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4th Circuit Argument

Attorney Bradley Coxe’s argument in Richmond at the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.He comes in at the 18:20 mark. His part was actually kind of boring. The judges made most of his points when they drilled the other attorney.

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