Month: April 2022

Ensure Uninsured and Underinsured Coverage Exists Within Your Auto Insurance Policy

I update this post every time I have a client or potential client negatively effected. Please be sure you have at least six figures of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— In a world overrun with computer-animated geckos, Paleolithic cavemen, bubbly spokeswomen, and catchy tunes, we are bombarded constantly with the idea that choosing an […]

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Civil Lawsuit Moves Forward Against Walmart

Survivors and family members of the 23 people who died when a gunman opened fire at an El Paso Walmart are suing the retail giant, claiming that some fault lies with the company for not providing greater security. The plaintiffs allege that Walmart: – Creates a “crime magnet” packed with vulnerable shoppers – Chooses not […]

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Negligent Security Can Lead to Serious Injury or Death

What exactly is negligent security, as it relates to the justice system? It falls under the scope of premises liability. Property owners have a duty to keep their spaces safe for visitors, including preventing slips and falls and similar injuries. But negligent security takes that a step further and argues that if a property owner […]

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