Month: January 2015

Electronic Meetings

With the near universal use of email, texting, Twitter, and instant messaging, small corporations and homeowner associations frequently try to use these services for the business of the company. While this practice can be valuable and efficient to manage a company or planned community, it normally cannot be used to exercise the powers and authority […]

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Medical Records

Under North Carolina law, a person’s medical records are property of the healthcare provider who created them. However, a patient has rights to get copies and/or inspect the records of his medical care. The patient may need them to provide to a different doctor or healthcare provider to help with additional medical care. Legal actions […]

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HOA v. The Doctor

English: The current TARDIS seen at BBC TV Centre and taken by me Zir (talk) 23:04, 20 January 2009 (UTC) Please credit © if used outside of Wikipedia Category:Doctor Who images (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Homeowner Associations exist to manage planned communities. Part of that duty is to enforce the restrictive covenants of the community. […]

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