Month: October 2021

It’s deer (and car crash) season

It’s the peak time of year for deer/car collisions. A North Carolina Department of Transportation study, looking at 2017 through 2019 data, showed that animal-related crashes in the state killed five people, injured more than 2,800, and caused nearly $156.9 million in property damage during that three-year period. Avoid a car wreck and personal injury […]

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Many Car Seats Are Installed or Operated Incorrectly by Parents

Car seats are designed to save young lives and prevent personal injury. Unfortunately, although most parents think they are installing the seats correctly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 46% of car and booster seats are misused! The consequences can be deadly, given that motor vehicle accidents are the number-one killer of kids in […]

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Trick or Treater Safety

Prevent personal injury and keep your trick or treaters safe. Many 2020 Halloween festivities were paused by COVID-19. So this year, kids are excited to get out there and make up lost trick-or-treating time. Review these safety tips before heading out into the spookiest night of the year: 🎃 Be visible! Carry glow sticks or […]

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