Month: September 2008

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…

‘Tis the season when those political candidate signs spring up like mushrooms around neighborhoods and commercial districts throughout the land.  Although signs and posters are considered "speech" under the 1st Amendment and therefore cannot be banned by the government, some permissible restrictions have been allowed.  Check your city or county ordinances here to see if […]

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Oak Island Annexation

Annexation issues are a niche speciality of my partner, Wes Hodges.  He has just been hired to fight an annexation attempt by the town of Oak Island.  He fought sucessfully against the town in a similar attempt a few years ago, taking that case up to the North Carolina Supreme Court.  I’ll try to pick […]

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Can they fire me for that!?!

Happy Labor Day!  In honor of the holiday, I thought I would write briefly about what claims an employee has when he gets fired.  Having a claim for getting illegally fired, or "wrongfully terminated" is difficult in North Carolina as it is a "right to work" state.  The basic concept of all employment in North […]

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