Month: April 2018

How Will I Know if My Doctor Has Committed Malpractice?

Like all professionals, doctors owe their clients a duty of care. When a doctor falls below this standard, you can receive money to correct the mistake and to compensate for any physical pain or emotional harm. How will you know if your doctor made a mistake that has injured you? Unfortunately, there is no clear […]

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Common Home and Office Supplies Pose Burn Hazards

Product recalls for April 2018 are off to a fast start, with many products pulled from the marketplace because they are burn hazards. These unreasonably dangerous products can leave consumers with devastating burn injuries and should be avoided. If you have been burned by a product, either at home or at work, you might be […]

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Modifying Child Support

Even the most conscientious parents sometimes struggle to pay child support. Life rarely stands still, and you might be surprised to find yourself unemployed or sick. Can you halt or reduce your child support payments, at least temporarily? The short answer is, “Yes,” but you must be careful to follow the rules. Parents who stop […]

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