Month: August 2008

Rights of a Renter and Duties of a Landlord

Almost 1 million people in North Carolina are renting their house or apartment.  Even though they are not the owners of where they live, it is their home.  As such, it is very important to them.  As somebody who has a home, but doesn’t own that home, what rights do they have?    Your lease […]

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Take the money and run

This article is the preview of a study that reports that the Plaintiffs bringing a lawsuit are far more likely to be wrong in turning down a settlement and proceeding to trial than Defendants.  Plaintiffs were "wrong" in 61% of the cases that went to trial.  "Wrong" meaning that the Plaintiff would have gotten more […]

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Represent Yourself in Small Claims Court

“Anyone who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client and an idiot for a lawyer!”  The Courthouse is a pretty intimidating place for someone not familiar with it.  Police in uniform, lawyers in business suits, and judges in dark robes mingle and converse in legal code words that sometimes don’t seem to […]

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