Month: September 2023

Sharing the Road Safely: Tips for Motorists to Avoid Accidents with Trucks

Tips For Motorists Sharing the road with large commercial trucks and avoiding personal injury requires a heightened level of awareness and caution from motorists. Although¬†efforts are ongoing to make trucks safer on the roads, it remains essential for drivers to understand how to safely navigate around these vehicles. In this blog post, we will discuss […]

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The Real Estate Contract–An Overview

  The growth of southeastern North Carolina has resulted in a local real estate boom never before seen in the area and continues despite the real estate slow down in the rest of the county.¬† An unfortunate side effect of the dramatic increase in both real estate transactions and property values has been a corresponding […]

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Negotiate in odd numbers

An interesting article in Scientific American called Why Things Cost $19.95¬†investigates whether or not the common merchant tactic of listing a price as $19.95 rather than $20.00 is really effective. Read a snipit of the article below and learn how this impacts the practice of law. “Why Things Cost $19.95” Article There were three scenarios […]

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