Month: July 2014

What happens after the settlement?

When you settle a claim, before or after a lawsuit, you sign various documents finalizing the settlement. The first is a settlement agreement. A settlement agreement is essentially a contract between the parties with the dispute, setting forth the terms of their agreed upon settlement. These documents can be simple, as in “I’ll pay you […]

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Courts curb power of HOAs to amend Declarations

I’ve written before about amending the Declarations for a homeowner association. A new case handed down this month by the North Carolina Court of Appeals could make it harder for an HOA to amend the Declarations to their liking. The Linville subdivision in north Raleigh began construction in 2003. As an incentive to builders to […]

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I have a list!

One of the more frustrating things a homeowner association board deals with is unpaid assessments. I’ve written before about how the fees and costs of collecting a valid assessment can greatly exceed the amount of the assessment. Occasionally, a board will try and put social pressure on delinquent owners to pay by publishing lists of […]

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