Month: July 2009

There is a Lawyer in My Mailbox!

If you have ever been in a car accident in North Carolina, you may have been shocked at the amount of mail you suddenly get. One of my clients recently got into an accident and brought into my office stacks of letters and documents from attorneys, some hundreds of miles away, asking to represent her […]

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UPDATED: The $10,000 Question

I was reading in the local newspaper about a lawsuit recently filed. It was a slow news day, and this particular suit had an interesting twist on a regular car accident case, so somebody thought it might make a good story. The reporter was fairly accurate, especially when she couldn't get either side to talk, […]

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The Reason an English King wanted to “Kill all the Lawyers.”

John Adams–MassachusettsSamuel Chase–MarylandAbraham Clark–New JerseyWilliam Ellery–Rhode IslandThomas Heyward Jr.–South CarolinaWilliam Hooper–North CarolinaFrancis Hopkinson–New JerseySamuel Huntington–ConnecticutThomas Jefferson–VirginiaThomas Lynch Jr.–South CarolinaThomas McKean–DelawareWilliam Paca–MarylandRobert Treat Paine–MassachusettsJohn Penn–North CarolinaGeorge Read–DelawareGeorge Ross–PennsylvaniaEdward Rutledge–South CarolinaRoger Sherman–ConnecticutJames Smith–PennsylvaniaRichard Stockton–New JerseyThomas Stone–MarylandGeorge Walton–GeorgiaJames Wilson–PennsylvaniaOliver Wolcott–ConnecticutGeorge Wythe–Virginia 25 out of 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence were lawyers.  –Bradley A. Coxe is a […]

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