Month: October 2015

But it was the other guy’s fault!

I’ve written before on contributory negligence, but this article does a good job of providing examples and showing how the insurance companies can use this old common law doctrine to deny claims in North Carolina. Periodically, the legislature considers adopting comparative fault, where some responsibility of the incident by the injured person does not completely […]

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Motor Vehicle “Accidents”

This article explores why we shouldn’t use the term “accident” in describing every car wreck. Even lawyers for injured people in car crash cases fall prey to using the wrong words and communicate the wrong ideas even if the facts are right. While the defendant in a car wreck may not have intended to hurt […]

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50 New North Carolina Laws Have Just Taken Effect

All or portions of nearly 50 laws passed by the General Assembly and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory during this year’s legislative session took effect Thursday. Here’s a look at some of the most significant or interesting changes.  

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