Month: January 2012

HOA lien procedure

The following is a list of the steps our office does when assisting homeowner's associations in collecting on past due assessments. Usually, the matter is resolved after the lien is placed and seldom do we have to resort to a sale of the delinquent owner's property. Our office obtains a list of delinquent payers from […]

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Asset Protection

  Asset protection employs legal techniques that deter others from taking, or in some cases, attempting to take your assets. The complexity of any asset protection plan depends largely on what types of assets you have, and what type of work you do. A typical asset protection case involves the formation of one or more […]

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Rules for Kids

Having just celebrated my first Christmas holiday with my nine-month-old son, I started to think about children whose parents are divorcing and all of the complicated issues that arise when custody is a contested issue, during the holidays and throughout the year. The reality is that when two parents make the difficult decision to live […]

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