Crash Reports

October 6th, 2014 | Posted in Law for Non-lawyers, Personal Injury, Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice | Tagged , , , , ,

In North Carolina, the first investigation of any motor vehicle crash is by the police. In order to assist their investigation, they use a special form published by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles—“Crash Report Form DMV-349.” The form, also known as the crash report, accident report, or police report, is an essential piece …Read More

Free Advice

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I will occasionally get questions from friends, acquaintances, at a dial a lawyer day, or online at, who want to know what they should settle for in a small to medium car wreck or personal injury. These casual, cocktail party questions are difficult. Sometimes these folks have already retained an attorney and are looking …Read More

I have a list!

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One of the more frustrating things a homeowner association board deals with is unpaid assessments. I’ve written before about how the fees and costs of collecting a valid assessment can greatly exceed the amount of the assessment. Occasionally, a board will try and put social pressure on delinquent owners to pay by publishing lists of …Read More

Two Tenants, One Apartment.

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I recently competed a semi-famous one-act play entitled "Box and Cox."  The play is a 19th century farce about two men. Cox works all day as a hatter, and Box works all night as a printer. An enterprising landlord, Mr. Bouncer, decides to rent them the same room without telling them. This works remarkable well, until …Read More

Should HOAs file liens?

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I’ve written before about the lien procedure required when a homeowner’s association is attempting to collect on past due assessments. Some of the HOAs I’ve worked with have annual assessments as low as $50, but still have a handful of people who neglect or refuse to pay. My staff is trained on the process of …Read More

Insurance for Homeowners and Homeowner Associations

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Under Chapter 47C for condominiums and 47F for other planned communities, a homeowner’s association is required to purchase certain types of insurance. In both types of communities, the HOA is required to provide insurance for damage to the common elements of the association. A common element is anything owned by the association, and not an …Read More

Preventative Medicine

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Once I had to explain to one of my kids why they had to brush their teeth every night. I told them I knew it was a hassle and took up ten minutes that they could use to play Angry Birds, but it was important because they could get cavities and we’d have to go …Read More