Winning a Malpractice Suit Against a Dentist

Winning a Malpractice Suit Against a Dentist

Medical professionals in North Carolina owe their patients a duty to use sufficient care. This
duty extends also to dentists. If your dentist carelessly injures you, then you can receive
compensation to help fix the mistakes and to make up for the pain that you experience.
Few dentists are willing to admit to any mistake, so you need to be assertive when planning your
lawsuit. Reach out to a Wilmington, North Carolina medical negligence lawyer for help.

Document Your Injury
You might leave the dental office feeling that something is wrong, but not be entirely sure of
what. Maybe your tongue is more numb than you would expect, or possibly you feel shooting
pain behind a tooth. Whatever you are feeling might be a sign that you have suffered a serious
injury at the hands of your dentist.
You can go back to the same dentist, but he or she might deny that anything is wrong with you.
In that case, it is probably best to go to a new dentist for a second opinion. This dentist might
uncover that the first person you met with provided substandard care or failed to identify
something wrong in your mouth.
After having the problem fixed, hold onto all medical records that show what is wrong. Also
keep all bills and receipts that show how much it cost to repair the damage caused by the first

Write Down What Your Dentist Told You
What a dentist said is a key piece of evidence in your case. As soon as possible, write down
everything that you remember. Also write down what you remember any dental hygienist telling
you. They might deny their statements later, but your lawyer needs to know about them.

Keep a Record of Your Pain
Tooth problems are often more painful than other types of injuries. You might feel excruciating
pain, and be unable to function at a basic level. Fortunately, North Carolina law allows you to
receive compensation for this pain in addition to money to cover medical bills and any lost
income if your injuries keep you out of work.
Pain is harder to document, but it is vital that you try. Many jurors are skeptical that you are
really feeling pain and often assume you are exaggerating. Remember to hold onto proof of all
pain medication you have taken and keep a journal in which you record the pain you feel.

Meet with an Experienced Medical Negligence Lawyer

To prevail in a lawsuit, you need to show more than you are injured. You also need proof that the
dentist did not treat you as other dentists in the community would. This is called breaching the
standard of care, and you often need an expert witness to testify on your behalf.
Few people know how to find an expert witness on their own, and this is where a seasoned
medical negligence lawyer comes in. At Hodges Coxe Potter & Phillips, we can lock down all
the evidence you need to bring a successful case for monetary damages.
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