Ethics: Rules of Professional Conduct Summary

Ethics: Rules of Professional Conduct Summary

Rules of Professional Conduct Summary

The North Carolina State Bar has adopted comprehensive Rules of Professional Conduct. These rules, together with opinions from the State Bar, based on specific circumstances, form the code of ethics by which Hodges Coxe Potter & Phillips LLP, P.C., and all attorneys in North Carolina, are bound. Broadly speaking, these rules require Competence, Communication, Confidentiality, and a lack of any Conflict of Interest.


requires us to not only diligently and zealously represent our clients, but also to recognize when a potential client’s case does not require our expertise, or would be better served by a different specialty of the law. We are absolutely committed to offering the best possible legal advice, even if that advice excludes us from being involved. We proactively offer reliable referrals before attempting to represent a client outside our areas of our expertise. For matters within our areas of practice, we will pursue a resolution with commitment and dedication.


requires us to regularly and promptly inform our clients about their cases. The most frequent complaint to the State Bar regarding lawyers’ behavior is “he won’t return my phone calls.” At HCPP, we understand that your case is probably your only case. We pride ourselves on keeping you fully informed about the status of your case at all times. Communication also means making sure you clearly understand the risks and benefits of each action we take on your behalf.


between an attorney and client is one of the principal foundations of our legal system. The attorney/client privilege is one of the strongest privilege doctrines in the law. Anything that you tell us as a client, we are prohibited from sharing with anyone, unless you give an informed consent to the disclosure of any protected information. This empowers you to fully disclose all aspects of your case to us so that we can provide the best advice and representation possible.

Conflict of Interest

exists if the representation of one client might affect the representation of another client. Both before and during your case, we will be diligent in investigating any possible conflict. If a potential conflict of interest exists or arises, you will be informed immediately. If a conflict of interest is so serious that it could potentially affect our competent representation of a client, we would withdraw from all representation. Importantly, our duty of confidentiality continues beyond the representation, regardless of when and for whatever reason the representation ends.

At Hodges Coxe Potter & Phillips LLP our ethical duties are applied to all of our cases and clients equally. We will not compromise these duties, or our reputation, by providing you anything less than our full attention, skill, experience, commitment, and dedication.