Homeowners Association Meetings

Homeowners Association Meetings

The HOA is required to hold
an annual meeting. Notice of the annual meeting should be provided to all
owners and state the time, place and agenda of the meeting. Typically the
agenda consists of the election of directors of the executive board and
ratification of the budget. In addition, the board or 20% of the members (or
less if the bylaws specify) can call for a special meeting of the members.

          The executive board meets throughout the year according to
the provisions in the bylaws. HOA members not on the executive board shall be
provided an opportunity to address the board on issues. The board can limit the
number of persons and the time allotted to speak at a board meeting on an
issue. For privacy concerns, the board should go into private session when
discussing past due assessments. 

           The meetings are conducted, barring any conflict with the declarations, bylaws or rules of the HOA, by the latest version of Robert’s Rules of Order. (Summarized here).    

          Minutes of the meetings should be taken and maintained in a
central location. It is important to maintain a written record of the actions
of the board or the membership to ensure that proper procedures were maintained
for the action and to provide some continuity of information for a board that
may have rapid turnover.

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