One insurance benefit that many automobile accident victims do not know about, and subsequently lose thousands of dollars is commonly known as “Med-Pay.” Med-Pay is a  medical payment provision written into most liability insurance policies.

Med-Pay coverage provides medical expense payment incurred as a result of injuries sustained by any person riding in the car which is covered by Med-Pay insurance, whether or not the injured person is an owner or not.  Med-Pay is not unlimited, the limit of most Mid-Pay policies in North Carolina tends to be one to two thousand dollars. Five thousand dollar limits seem to be the most common.

Med Pay insurance is “no-fault” meaning it is payable regardless of who caused the accident. However, if you do have a claim against an at-fault driver, you will be able to claim all your medical bills, and not have to pay back the Med-Pay insurance company. . In addition, Med-Pay coverage will not be reduced because your health insurance policy  paid some, or all, of your bills

If you are injured while riding in a car owned by another person who does not have Med-Pay insurance, then you may collect on your own Med-Pay insurance which covers any car that you own.

It is normally easy to collect a Med-Pay claim. All that is usually necessary is for you to send a copy of the accident report and a copy of your medical bills to the insurance company. You usually will not need a lawyer to help you with this claim.

–Bradley A. Coxe is a practicing attorney in Wilmington, NC who specializes in Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Contract and Real Estate disputes and all forms of Civil Litigation.  Please contact him at (910) 772-1678.