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Hodges Coxe Potter & Phillips, LLP (HCPP) is a full-service law firm, with offices conveniently located in Wilmington and Porter’s Neck, North Carolina.

We know that finding the right lawyer can be a challenge, so we’ve organized our practice into two areas: Business and Personal legal services.


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HCPP provides a range of corporate legal services. From real estate litigation to contract disputes, our team is ready to be your trusted partner.

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When you have been injured through no fault of your own, or accused of a traffic violation or crime, you can trust HCPP to protect your best interests.

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    In doing some research today, which may also lead to another blog post in the future, I ran across this aside from the Court of Appeals in 2006. Judge Joe R. John, writing for the Court of Appeals took the time after a lengthy written and well reasoned legal opinion on the liability or lack ...Read More

  • What is Pain and Suffering?

    In a motor vehicle wreck case, or any other negligence case, there are several areas of damages that an injured person can recover. They can recover their medical bills; their future medical bills; their loss of use of a body party; their lost wages if they missed work; and pain and suffering. “Pain and suffering” ...Read More

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    People who have been in a car wreck oftentimes ask me (or just assume without asking) that I am going to file suit against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The short answer is “no, unless…” In a typical car wreck case, the at-fault driver will have at least the minimum amount of insurance required by ...Read More