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Only seldom do I have a personal injury case where there was not a doctor or chiropractic visit sometime in the months or years prior to the event sparking the lawsuit. An injured plaintiff can only recover for damages that were actually caused by the defendant’s negligence. If the defendant can prove that a plaintiff’s …Read More

A Jury Thank you Letter

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I frequently see on social media where someone has been called for jury duty. The post is frequently followed by half-joking advice on how to get of it by telling the lawyers you believe in the death penalty for littering or will vote the way the space aliens tell you. Far from my usual practice …Read More


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I believe that at some time in the past, lawyers must have charged on a per word basis. It is the only explanation I have as to why attorneys use lengthy, old-fashioned and sometimes confusing jargon when talking and writing. If you can’t understand your lawyer, chances are a jury won’t either. Just because he …Read More

Free Advice

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I will occasionally get questions from friends, acquaintances, at a dial a lawyer day, or online at, who want to know what they should settle for in a small to medium car wreck or personal injury. These casual, cocktail party questions are difficult. Sometimes these folks have already retained an attorney and are looking …Read More

Trade Secrets

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The law in North Carolina tends to support the ability of people to work for who they want, and when they want. In most cases, with at-will employment, an employee can leave a job whenever they want to work for another company who may provide them more pay or benefits. On the other hand, the …Read More

Career Day

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A few days ago, I spoke at a local middle school for a careers class. Thanks to some links from the North Carolina Bar Association, I was able to download and print out for the students a mini-mock trial for them to do in class. I had 4 witnesses, 3 lawyers for the plaintiff and …Read More

Two Tenants, One Apartment.

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I recently competed a semi-famous one-act play entitled "Box and Cox."  The play is a 19th century farce about two men. Cox works all day as a hatter, and Box works all night as a printer. An enterprising landlord, Mr. Bouncer, decides to rent them the same room without telling them. This works remarkable well, until …Read More

Always On

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  When you are called to go to court for your own case, or as a witness in somebody else’s case, hopefully your attorney or the attorney calling you has prepared you for your testimony. You should have some idea as to the questions he will ask, the answers you will give, the cross-examination topics …Read More