Foreclosure Defense

When you get that dreaded paper on your door with notice of foreclosure, your first call should be to HCP. While it is not possible in all cases, the attorneys here can determine what defenses you have and alternatives you have in losing your house, paying additional deficiency judgments, court costs and attorney fees.

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Landlord & Tenant

In any type of real estate dispute, when the parties can’t agree, the ultimate decision will be made by a judge, jury or arbitrator. At HCP, our attorneys are experienced advocates in the courtroom and can zealously guard your interests at trial.

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Real Estate Litigation

The growth of southeastern North Carolina has resulted in a local real estate boom never before seen in the area. 2005 surpassed all previous records for real estate sales in the Wilmington area. An unfortunate side effect of the dramatic increase in both real estate transactions and property values has been a corresponding explosion in Real Estate Litigation. As the decision to buy or sell a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make, it is …

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