Toxic Mold Cases

All houses in the Cape Fear region have a little mold, but some, because of construction defects, or failed remediation projects allow extensive mold growth. If that mold is a species that causes health problems in humans, you could have an insidious, invisible problem living in your house. HCP can help you investigate, remediate and litigate mold issues.

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Real Estate Litigation

The growth of southeastern North Carolina has resulted in a local real estate boom never before seen in the area. 2005 surpassed all previous records for real estate sales in the Wilmington area. An unfortunate side effect of the dramatic increase in both real estate transactions and property values has been a corresponding explosion in Real Estate Litigation. As the decision to buy or sell a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make, it is …

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Construction Litigation

In recent years, the construction industry in the United States has seen unprecedented growth. This is especially true for southeastern North Carolina, as the New Hanover/Brunswick/Pender County area is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. The Wilmington metropolitan statistical area (MSA), which includes parts of these counties, experienced staggering expansion in the 1990s, ranking at one point as the second fastest growing area in the country, behind only Las Vegas, Nevada, based on the number of new …

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Homeowner Associations (HOA) Law

HOAs are million dollar non-profit corporations that govern dozens to hundreds of people and are typically governed by reluctant, part time volunteers well outside their respective areas of expertise. HCP can provide experience to homeowners with HOA issues, whether they are on the board or have issue with the board.

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Land Condemnation

The essential idea of land condemnation is that the government can take your land or other property but has to pay a fair amount for it. You don’t have to rely on the government to dictate what is a fair price. HCP can help you get your just compensation.

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Annexation Law

Involuntary annexation is one of the most polarizing issues in North Carolina today. Without question, the North Carolina General Assembly has granted municipalities broad powers to effectuate involuntary annexations, under the declared public policy that sound urban development is essential to the continued economic development of North Carolina. Nevertheless, annexing cities and towns cannot sweep unincorporated areas into their corporate limits by sheer force of their municipal will. As the authority to annex is a creature of statute, municipalities have …

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Municipal Law

Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t beat city hall. Whether your building permit has been denied or the city is threatening to involuntarily annex your entire neighborhood, Hodges Coxe & Potter, LLP has the expertise to assist you in the often complex minefield of municipal law. As the former attorney for the Pender County board of adjustment, C. Wes Hodges, II, has considerable experience in the areas of zoning and permitting. The most common issues with cities and …

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