Intellectual Property

You have a great idea… but how do you protect it? Whether it’s a great branding concept, the next advancement in software or an amazing script, we can help make sure that your creation remains yours. We also craft agreements that allow you to license your creation to others, allowing you to profit from your idea while others invest in exploiting your idea’s full economic value.

Intellectual property law involves far more than registering a trademark or applying for a copyright. For example, if you design websites or create computer code for clients, ownership of the design, code and overall look-and-feel of your work must be negotiated. On the other hand, if you hire someone to create images, text or software, you must ensure your continued right to use what you paid for. In most cases, if there is not an agreement regarding use of creative work, then complex Federal statutes and common-law apply. The best way to avoid this is to be proactive and regularly communicate with an attorney who understands intellectual property law.

Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating intellectual property agreements. We know how and when to register trademarks and copyrights and create agreements governing ownership rights and licenses to use these creative works. We serve clients who develop software, art, books and branding strategies. We also serve businesses that hire or contract with others to create intellectual property and assure ongoing rights to use and profit from such work.

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Intellectual Property