Corporate Law

Hodges Coxe & Potter, LLP provides clients with a full range of comprehensive business services. From simpler matters, like starting a business, handling daily legal concerns and trademark protection, to more complex matters such as mergers, acquisitions, and sales of businesses, HCP is equipped to support businesses of all types and sizes with virtually any business-related legal issue or requirement.

Starting a Business

Starting a business requires careful planning. HCP assists business owners in the formation of business entities and helps them create legal business strategies that are aligned with their goals. We advise on issues related to the selection of entity type and assist in the drafting of shareholder agreements or operating agreements.

Buying or Selling a Business

HCP assists business owners in the process of buying or selling a business in one or more of the following ways:

  • Providing advice on the structure of the transaction, negotiation of terms and drafting of the initial terms memorandum
  • Recommending legal strategies to sellers based on issues discovered during the due diligence process
  • Offering advice to buyers on conducting legal due diligence, and drafting, reviewing and negotiating the extensive documentation involved in a business purchase transaction

Business Owner Contracts

HCP helps business owners to draft, review, and negotiate contracts related to various business activities, including: buy-sell agreements, lease agreements, service contracts, releases and waivers and non-compete agreements.

Business Tax Services

HCP represents closely held businesses, individuals, families, non-profit organizations, foundations and charities in federal, state and local tax matters, including audits and appeals before the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities.

Entrepreneurial Services

HCP helps entrepreneurs, investors and owners of family and other privately-held businesses to secure their futures through effective succession planning. We personalize business succession strategies to the individual needs of each business and owner. We work to achieve non-tax objectives and minimize the income, gift and estate taxes paid at exit, succession, and periods of wealth transfer.

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Corporate Law