Alienation of Affections

“Alienation of Affection” is a civil action that is initiated by a Husband or Wife (the “Plaintiff”) against a third party (the “Defendant”) for committing wrongful and malicious acts that removed the love and affection of the Plaintiff’s spouse. For a Plaintiff to be successful in an Alienation of Affection suit, it must be shown that (1) the Plaintiff and his or her spouse were married and that some love and affection existed between them, and (2) that the existing love and affection was alienated by the wrong and malicious acts of the defendant. If the claim is successful, the Plaintiff Spouse may be awarded monetary damages.

Alienation of Affection claims are most often initiated when one spouse’s infidelity resulted in the end of a loving marriage. However, it is not necessary to prove adultery in order for an Alienation of Affection claim to be successful. In fact, an Alienation of Affection action may be brought against any third-party who’s wrongful and malicious acts caused the love and affection of a spouse towards his or her spouse, to end.

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Alienation of Affections