Criminal and traffic charges against you carry a wide range of penalties, either directly from the court such as prison, probation and monetary fines, or indirectly such as increased car insurance costs, losing the right to vote, carry firearms or driving. HCPP will act as your advocate and defend your rights on any criminal or traffic charge.

Driving While Impaired (DWI/DUI)

Penalties for misdemeanor driving while impaired in North Carolina can be extremely severe, the maximum sentence being three years in prison. If convicted, there are license suspensions and points to consider, community service requirements, substance abuse assessments, and procedures to follow before being relicensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. There are many factors involved in DWI cases that may change the outcome of the overall case, options that should be carefully considered before entering a courtroom and deciding how …

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Felony Offenses

A felony conviction can carry very serious and long-lasting consequences such as forfeiture of firearm rights, forfeiture of voting rights, and forfeiture of driving privileges. Sentences for felonies can range from probation to life imprisonment or death. In addition, there are some felony convictions for which registration as a convicted sex offender must occur. It is important when charged with a felony that you have representation that knows and understands all of these consequences as well as the rights that …

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Misdemeanor Offenses

There are a variety of misdemeanor crimes in North Carolina which carry a range of penalties including community service, probation, jail time, and even forfeiture of firearms rights or registry as a convicted sex offender. These are crimes such as shoplifting, assault, underage drinking, domestic assault, simple drug possession, and hunting or fishing violations. A conviction for a criminal misdemeanor can have an impact on applications for employment, higher education, or in applying for certain permits and licenses.

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Traffic Citations

Traffic citations can be extremely costly propositions once court fines and costs are paid and insurance points are assessed to a driver’s license for any moving violation. Points can be assessed for matters like speeding, running a stop sign, a minor traffic accident, passing a stop school bus, or speeding in a school or work zone. These added points can drive insurance rates to impossibly high costs, often preventing individuals from finding affordable insurance. There are a variety of options …

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The expunction statute in North Carolina provides remedies for individuals seeking to remove a matter from their criminal record. Employers, schools, and licensing boards often run a background check on individuals and quite often this background check will show every crime charged in a person’s history, whether convicted of the crime or not. If eligible, an expunction action may allow matters to be removed from your criminal record to give you a fresh start with a clean record.

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Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and Civil No Contact Orders are court orders that prevent two or more people from having contact or communication with one another. In addition, these orders can address a variety of other matters, including the ability to possess firearms, child custody, eviction, and possession of personal property. Whether you are a party pursuing a no contact remedy or whether you have been served with a no-contact action, you should go to court prepared and fully apprised …

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DMV Hearings

An individual’s driving privileges can be suspended in North Carolina for a number of reasons, DWI, speeding, careless and reckless operation of a motor vehicle, or a felony conviction. In a number of these cases, you may be eligible to have your driver’s license privileges restored by the DMV so that you may continue to legally operate a motor vehicle. These hearings are conducted at the Department of Motor Vehicles with a specialized hearing officer and must be scheduled in …

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Juvenile Defense

North Carolina is one of only two states in the country where 16-year-olds are treated as adults in criminal court. In North Carolina, offenders under the age of 16 are prosecuted in the juvenile courts. These are special proceedings where the juvenile is adjudicated and may be sentenced to treatment, rehabilitation, or faces incarceration in a facility for juvenile offenders. Juvenile rights and proceedings differ greatly from adult proceedings so it is important that the juvenile and their family members …

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