Deciding to buy a franchise is a huge decision for any business person. Typically, the franchisee pays a large upfront fee to the franchisor, but that is just the beginning. A new franchisee has to identify suitable real estate, negotiate a purchase or lease, invest substantial sums in up-fitting the new location, create a corporate entity, employee manuals, and supplier contracts. At the end of the day, most franchisees invest anywhere from seventy-five thousand dollars to many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Any such investment needs an experienced attorney to guide you through and negotiate legal issues.

Sam Potter represents franchisees ranging from an individual franchisee with one location, to multi-unit franchisees with a dozen individual locations. Sam’s franchisee clients range from fitness industry stalwarts to food service to automotive franchises. Sam has negotiated new Franchise Agreements for existing franchisees, Franchise Agreement renewals, and area development rights. Sam most enjoys helping new and existing franchisees review their business organizations for structural changes (such as mergers) and operational efficiencies (including employee management). If you are thinking of acquiring a franchise, or are a seasoned franchisee, Sam can help you protect your substantial investment as a franchisee.

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