Most Dangerous Owners

November 2nd, 2018 | Posted in Uncategorized

At Hodges Coxe Potter & Phillips LLP, we love dogs. However, all dogs need to be properly
treated and trained or they pose a risk of injury to their owners and neighbors. These maltreated
and untrained dogs can cause significant injuries. Not only can the dog’s teeth damage muscles,
nerves, and other soft tissue, but a dog’s mouth plays host to dangerous bacteria that can lead to
You will find numerous lists that identify the “most dangerous dog breeds.” In North Carolina
however, the breed of dog is at best a minor factor in determining whether or not a dog bite
victim has a valid legal claim. Far more important is the history of the particular dog, regardless
of its breed. What is the size, nature and habits of this particular dog? Did the dog cause serious
injury on the victim or a prior person? Was the dog provoked into an attack? Most dogs,
including the ones on dangerous breeds list, are loving companions. If you own a dog, please
educate yourself on how to property train and care for your dog. If you are unable to, find a
service or an individual who can. Otherwise, you may be paying for serious injury to someone
with money, and the dog that you took responsibility to care for may pay with its loss of freedom
or its life.
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Although some dog bites are minor, others can leave people in the hospital for days. At Hodges
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